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Brian Foley Automotive is your Authorised Service, Parts & Warranty dealer for LDV and Great Wall Vehicles. Still also acting as an independent repairer for Alfa Romeo, Fiat Passenger & Fiat Commercial vehicles our expertise and knowledge ranges from passenger vehicles – to servicing our commercial clients and motor home owners a like.

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LDV Vehicles Service
Great Wall Vehicles Service

LDV Vehicles is one of Europe’s most recognised commercial vehicles and now is about to IMPACT on the Australian market. Brian Foley Automotive is Sydney’s Service, Parts & Warranty dealer and be assured that your vehicle will be serviced by factory trained technicians and only the latest in diagnostic technology will be used when insuring your vehicle is running at the optimum that it should be.

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Not forgetting our heritage….

Brian Foley Automotive is a specialised independent Dealer alternative for Alfa Romeo & Fiat vehicles.

With combined 60 years experience and knowledge entwined in Alfa Romeo & Fiat history our centre is your only destination to consider for service and ensuring your vehicle is running at optimum performance.


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